• Autumn at Minster Lovell Hall and Dovecote: EH61737
    Photo by volunteer photographer Gary Haywood

  • The Dovecote at Minster Lovell: EH61721
    Photo by volunteer photographer Gary Haywood

  • Contractors rehang a painting at Marble Hill

    Marble Hill revived: EH61686
    Photo by Chris Ison

  • Family engaging with trail at Audley End in autumn

    Autumn at Audley End: EH61517
    Photo by Jo Denison

  • Excavations at Richborough Roman Fort

    Excavations at Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre: EH61237
    Photo by Jim Holden

  • Two conservators work on St Mary's chancel ceiling paintings

    Conservation works on the medieval wall paintings, St Mary's Church, Kempley: EH61155
    Photo by volunteer photographer Maggie Booth

  • Cleaning the window frames in Wrest Park conservatory

    Wrest Park conservatory: EH61006
    Photo by Christopher Ison

  • Father in wheelchair with daughter in Stonehenge visitor centre

    Visitors at Stonehenge: EH60899
    Photo by Oliver Edwards

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